Stop The Barking

Welcome to our website. I know I have spent countless hours awake at night because of a neighbor’s barking dog. I couldn’t begin to tell you how angry and frustrated I can get because I couldn’t get to sleep.

Yes, I thought about poisoning the barking dog, or even shooting the barking dog, but common sense always seemed to kick in at the last minute and I didn’t do anything illegal.

I put together this website to help others with some idea of what to do when your inconsiderate neighbor leaves their barking dog outsite for hours when normal, considerate, people are trying to sleep.

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  1. Dov Alexander August 1, 2015 at 4:05 am Permalink

    I have a question. There has been a couple of abused dogs living in my area that bark no stop through out the day and especially at night to the point where they have become wild and just fight with another. The owners are the type that buy stuff for the status symbol, they have basically built a chicken coupe that these dogs live in. since I am new to this, the other tenants have explained this has been going on for atleast 3 to 5 years now. Numbours times people have put in reports to the “SPCA” and I recently just checked the bylaws that say report to the “SPCA” and nothing has been done. The offical comment from the “SPCA” is that because the dogs are behind a locked gate they have no jurisdiction to take action. People even kidnapped the dogs once but the owners put signs up and of course the person responsible felt guilty and return them. I am out of options and have a hard time sleeping knowing I could do something to help those sad dogs. By the way they are the small kind that are meant to be indoors and there are many coyotes in this area so no surprise they bark. Please help, tell me what I can do to end this political non sense…

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